In act 3 scene 5 hecate is angry at the witches because they have they had left her out when playing with macbeths mind i know this because in the scene it says ‘To trade and traffic with Macbeth in riddles amd affairs of death?’

In this scene the girl had left because she was tired of getting abused in her house and it was getting too much so she started smoking. One day she came home and her stepdad asked the girls mum “you have to choose me or laila” nd laila’s mum had chosen the stepdad so laila […]

Act 1 Scene 4 At the king’s palace, Duncan hears reports of Cawdor’s execution from his son Malcolm, who says that Cawdor died nobly, confessing freely and repenting of his crimes. Macbeth and Banquo enter with Ross and Angus. Duncan thanks the two generals profusely for their heroism in the battle, and they profess their […]

This scene starts when lady macbeth reads a letter she had got from macbeth explaining how he had seen the three witches and the three witches had told him he would become kimg if he kills king duncan. In this act it says ‘too full o’th milk of human kindness’. So they are trying to […]

In 2017 my brother and i had planned a buisness but we cant get a new for it we. We never agree on a name that we both would like and because hes older than me he thinks that he has more controll in this buisness somtimes i wish i was older so i can […]

Macbeth [aside] Stars, hide your fires; Let not light see your black and deep desires:  

Banquo describes the witches by saying “By each at one her chappy finger laying upon her skinny lips:” Also he said “so wither’d and so wild in there attire, that look not like the inhabitants o’ the earth and yet are on’t?” The last thing he said was “you should be women, and yet your […]

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